A one-stop shop for the styling needs of the contemporary gentleman, The Butler as it stands today is the culmination of a passion project which draws inspiration from british vogue and the style guides of icons such as Tom Ford and Antonio Centeno. An issue faced by many gentlemen of Sri Lanka is that they have no proper means to accessorize their attire. Thus, The Butler was born with the mission of bridging this gap in the menswear market of Sri Lanka.

Since its inception, The Butler has catered to a select group of clients who seek exclusivity when shopping for the latest fashion trends. Keeping customer service at the top of its priorities, The Butler has established a long list of loyal and discerning clientele.

Prior to the launch of a collection, extensive research is conducted on current local and global trends. The Butler accounts for elements such as colour families, designs and fabric, resulting in a collection of complementing tastes. Because of this, products from The Butler continue to be relevant in contemporary times.

A suit without some complementing accessories is incomplete. As suits are the attire of choice for many gents when it comes to special occasions, standing out and projecting one’s own individual style is important.

This is where The Butler shines – our strife to help gentlemen stylistically make their mark on the world around them has kept us going since our humble beginnings in 2018. As The Butler continues to innovate and add value to the wardrobes of gentlemen, our meticulous attention to detail and quality will never be marred.