Five Reasons WHY… wearing a tie gets you more RESPECT!

Neck-Ties come in various types, however the slim tie has become a trend among men these days, especially floral prints. We at The Butler believe that every guy looks sharper wearing them.

Why should men wear them though?

1. History

The necktie has been and will always be the predominant reason to getting respect, when it comes to the varied options available in menswear! There was a reason as to why men in great power and influence wore ties throughout history!

2. Confidence

One thing that would demand respect would be the confidence you encompass, when you wear your attire with pride and you are certain in your abilities! However, when paired up with a chic necktie, it elevates the perception to a whole new level! Because, people can be very perceptive. 


This is not always true, but majority of times, someone wearing a necktie often has a certain degree of professionalism to remain the successful individual they are! Often, when people see a person with a necktie, they presume that they are looking at a professional individual – either young or mature.

4. Good- Looking

Nothing exhibits “sharply dressed” , than a carefully selected necktie! People who dress well are often catered to more, because of the assumption that they’re deserving. It’s not that you’re being judged or shunned, but it’s also not like ripped up jeans and a faded t-shirt really say, “I’m a person of significant importance.”

5. The final look…

Taking time to piece a suit together and put on that beautifully hand made tie, pairing it with a lapel pin, really shows, you go the extra mile. People notice these things in life, and it’s typically the people you want to have notice you.



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